Saturday, January 16, 2010

Pizza Hut - Seoul, Korea

My cousins ordered a pizza from Pizza Hut the other day and I thought it was bizarre enough to warrant a post. It's called a coconut shrimp pizza. It has coconut shrimp, fried potatoes, bacon, green bell pepper, honey mustard sauce and balsamic glaze. The crust is composed of little cheesy bites, which have mozzarella cheese and sweet potato filling in them.

Here is my verdict. I give them props for making the crust into little bite size pieces that you can pull off and eat and the sweet potato filling was good, but the remaining 90% of the pizza was so odd. I tell you Koreans have the weirdest flavor combinations, sometimes it works, but other times, it's just plain weird. I'm surprised they didn't put any mayo on this pizza.
I say skip it. Far better things to be had here in Seoul.


  1. what about sweet potato pizza from MR. Pizza... that's my fav!

  2. Yeah, I've tried sweet potato pizza from Mr. Pizza in LA, but not in Korea. I like the crust, but the random toppings are still a bit too weird for me.

  3. how long are you staying in korea? can you do a top 10 list of the best pat bing soo in seoul? hahaha

  4. Oooh, great idea! I will definitely do that next time I'm there for the summer. =)