Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy New Year!

I wish everyone a healthy and happy 2010! I'm still in Seoul. It's nice and chilly here. It's been about -8 to -13 Celsius in Seoul, which is mucho frio for a girl from Cali. We got about 9 inches of snow yesterday, which didn't seem like all that much to me, but they say is the most they've had in Seoul in 103 years. Since Seoul is composed of so many narrow streets, they can't really plow the snow with huge trucks and they don't really salt the roads here, so everyone has to shovel the roads themselves to get out. But it was snowing pretty much all day yesterday, so most people left their cars at home and those that dared to drive got stuck. I saw a lot of abandoned cars on the side of the street yesterday. It made for pretty clear streets though, I've never seen the streets so empty.

It's pretty though, isn't it?
A cute little snowman someone made on top of a car. The arms were hair rollers.
We went ice skating a few days ago in Gwanghwamun and for the little kiddies they had a little sledding area where they sit on these rectangular, wooden planks and parents just pull their kids along. So cute!

새해 복 많이 받으세요! Happy New Year everyone!


  1. hey sue! do you happen to have any video clips or more snow pictures? We heard about the snow and people are writing a story about it for our website....if so, send my way please! you'll have photo courtesy credit! :)

  2. Mare bear, I made Jung take more snowman pictures yesterday. They are ridiculously cute. We don't have any video clips but Jung took a lot of snow pictures so I'll send them to you.