Wednesday, January 20, 2010

O'Sulloc Tea House - Seoul, Korea (Myeongdong)

We took a short reprieve from the cold weather and stopped by O'Sulloc Teahouse when we were in Myeongdong. They specialize in green tea and create really yummy drinks and desserts. Apparently they harvest the green tea from the company's tea plantation on Jeju Island or Jejudo. They sell the tea at various department stores and have several other tea houses in the city.

It was crowded when we got there and had to wait for an open table. They asked us if we wouldn't mind sitting in their small tea room. We didn't even know they had a private tea room, but we were more than happy to have a small room all to ourselves. We sat around a beautiful wooden table, which literally looked like a slice from a tree trunk.

I have to mention that Koreans are amazing when it comes to tidiniess and creating order out of chaos. Once we found out we could sit in the tea room, all of us kind of dashed inside throwing our shoes amuck, but after I sat down and looked outside, which was literally less than 30 seconds later, I saw this. I didn't even see anyone behind us, but someone just tidied up our shoes and disappeared.

We ordered two individual sized cakes and a green tea to share. I can’t recall the tea we had but they bring out a teapot, a tea cup and a large bowl. He explained that once you pour in the hot water into the teapot with the tea leaves, you then pour it out into the large bowl so that the green tea doesn’t get too bitter. Then you pour it into the individual cups to drink. It also came with a small plate of two rice cakes that were floating on a pool of dark honey. Aren’t the teapot and dishes so pretty?

The honey was dark and syrupy. Delicious with the chewy rice cakes.

We got the green tea cheesecake tiramisu and the green tea cake. I think everyone liked the green cake the best. I can't recall which is which. Sorry! I think this was the green tea cake with a big dollop of green tea caramel on top. Not only was it aesthetically pleasing but quite tasty as well. We gobbled this up so fast, I don't even remember what was inside.

I think this was the green tea cheesecake tiramisu. The cheesecake tiramisu was very light and airy, not the texture we were expecting from a cheesecake. It didn't quite taste like a cheesecake or a tiramisu, for that matter. I think it would have been better had it gravitated more towards being one or the other, but not a fusion of all three.

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