Saturday, January 16, 2010

Yoogane - Seoul, Korea (Myeongdong)

I tried Yoogane when I was in Korea this summer and really liked it, so we decided to bring Jung here for lunch while we were in Myeongdong one day. They have several chains throughout Seoul. They specialize in dak galbi, which is chicken marinated in red chili paste sauteed in a large skillet with cabbage, rice cakes, potatoes and green onions. You stir all the ingredients together and let it cook. You can order an extra side of ramen, mushrooms, potatoes, onions and rice cakes if you so desire.
At the end, you can order a side of rice and they will make kimchi fried rice for you, which I think is the best part. Yum!
Here's the waitress mixing up the rice with the leftover chicken and kimchi.
Then they flatten it on the hot pan for you to eat out of. You wait for the rice to get crispy and then it's every man for himself.
I recall it being a lot spicier this summer and having to drink gallons and gallons of water to get through this meal, but this time the seasoning was just right. Not too spicy and not too bland. Jung said this was one of his favorite meals so far ... but Yoogane has since been toppled by another lunch, which I will blog about soon.

I think it's virtually impossible to give you the exact location, but it's a chain restaurant so they have locations all over Seoul, but I know of two Yoogane's on the same street in Myeongdong, which is bizarre, but I guess they do really well. I'm sure if you ask someone on the street they will point you in the right direction. Here's their phone number just in case: (02)3789-3392. Their website is


  1. my husband and i have eaten dinner in yoogane too for the first time but in suwon we had the same dish as shown here i think we might come back here again=)

  2. Hi Maricar, you should definitely go back, it's so good there. I love the kimchi fried rice at the end, that is the best. How are you enjoying suwon? I hear the galbi there is amazing!