Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Budnamujip - Seoul, Korea (Seocho-gu)

We saw an exhibit at the Seoul Arts Center in Seocho-gu and were debating what to eat for lunch. My mom mentioned that the galbi-tang or short rib soup at Budnamujip might be sold out already but that we should go check just in case. It was noon. How could it sell out already by noon, right? Apparently they stick a sign out front notifying people when it's been sold out. I failed to see said sign, so I made my mom park and we went inside to find blank stares when we asked if they still had galbi-tang. Oops. I guess you have to have a super early lunch or basically eat this for breakfast if you want to get a taste.

한우 (Hanwoo) or domestic Korean beef is way more expensive than imported beef from America or Australia and as far as anyone is concerned in Korea, Hanwoo is far superior. It's a lot more expensive too. In fact, restaurants are required to disclose whether their beef is domestic or imported beef. Budnamujip is one such place that serves a lot of Hanwoo beef. Since there is a lot of byproducts to be had from a Korean BBQ restaurant, they use it to make the galbi-tang broth and it is apparently very flavorful. I have not yet developed a palate to distinguish Hanwoo from imported beef, but my grandparents and family members claim that it's way tastier than imported beef. They try to force feed us Hanwoo whenever we're visiting.

We didn't get to eat the galbi-tang this time around, but just wanted to give it an honorable mention should you be visiting Seoul anytime soon. Another great thing is that they have several locations in Seoul and they have a website in English.

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