Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sunda - Chicago, IL

Andrew has been telling us about the industry discount at Sunda that he gets for some time but we never managed to go.  I realized if I plan it, they will come, so I made reservations for us for Sunday evening.  Here's a sampling of the yummy things we ate.  

For appetizers we ordered the “toast and jam” which consisted of crispy shrimp “toast” and spicy tuna “jam.”  A bit difficult to spread the jam unto the bread, but it was fun to eat.

If you eat with us frequently you know that as a group, we love brussel sprouts so if there is brussel sprouts anywhere on the menu, we will order it.  They had a crispy brussel sprouts salad with fried shallots, minced shrimp, chills and nuoc cham.  I'm always weary of "crispy" brussel sprouts because I just assume it will be greasy, but these were not at all and really tasty.

We order another salad, called the southeastern chop chop chicken salad.  I'm a sucker for chinese chicken salads.  This had a peanut jalapeño dressing and pieces of mango that were really good.  Must try this at home.

For sushi items, we ordered their signature crispy rice, glazed with soy sauce and topped with spicy tuna and jalapeño.  What's there not to like with crispy rice + spicy tuna.

We ordered their Crunchy Pig, Hidden Lobster roll which had lobster, avocado, jalapeño wrapped in soy paper topped with sweet chili sauce, tempura crumbs and bacon.  I love lobster but it's always a shame when they get masked by all these other overpowering ingredients.  What can I say, I just fell for the name, it's so clever!

We also ordered the spicy “tail of two tunas” with yellowfin tuna, pickled jalapeño, spicy mayo, super white tuna and fried shallots.  Don't really recall anything spectacular about these.

We also tried the "no you didn’t" roll which contained crab, shrimp tempura, salmon, spicy tuna, roe, cabbage, onion and spicy aioli.  Sometimes too much of a good thing can overkill and you often wonder what did I just consume?  This was definitely the case with this roll.

For our entrees, we ordered the pancit canton, with crispy pork, lap cheong, shrimp, carrots, cabbage and egg noodles, which was delicious.  I've had filipino pancit before with thin rice noodles, whereas these had the thicker chinese egg noodles.  Not sure if this is the Chinese version of it.  We also ordered the malay style chilean sea bass, which I forgot to take a picture of.  Sorry.  The sea bass was seasoned with coriander, lemongrass, miso, chilis and sat on a bed of curried cauliflower puree.  Also really great. 

Sunda is described as "New Asian," which in my mind means you can order chinese shrimp toast, pad thai and sushi for one meal if you so desire.  I wasn't that impressed with the sushi items, but everything else I really liked.  The salads, appetizers and entree items that we ordered were all great.  It's a bit pricey since it's upscale Asian, but it was definitely more reasonable with the industry discount.  Thanks Andrew!  

110 W Illinois St
Chicago, IL 60654

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