Sunday, November 20, 2011

Kuma's Corner - Chicago, IL

I was warned that you would have to wait if you want to get your hands on a Kuma's burger, so my cousins and I made sure we made it in time exactly when Kuma's opened at 11:30 am on a Saturday.  Unfortunately we weren't the only ones who were warned, because by the time we arrived, the place was packed and several groups of people were ahead of us in line for the next tables to open up.  I think we waited close to 2 hours to get seated.  Thankfully you can order drinks at the bar, so that kept Jung happy but Julie and I were salivating watching other people chomp on their burgers for a solid 2 hours.  

Once we were seated, our eyes were bigger than our now shrunk stomachs, as we ordered a burger each and some macaroni & cheese and mussels to start.  

You customize your own macaroni & cheese so we chose bacon, jalapeƱo and scallions for ours.  The mac & cheese was really good and a really decent size to share.  We also ordered the PEI mussels, which had butter, garlic, leeks, crushed red pepper and allagash white ale in it (sorry I forgot to take pictures).  Needless to say we devoured the mussels and killed the mac & cheese.  

By the time our burgers arrived, we were too full to enjoy our burgers.  Julie ordered the Plague Bringer, with roasted garlic mayo, tortilla strips, house made hot sauce, fesh garlic, pepper jack and sliced jalapeƱos.  

Jung got the Mastodon, which had BBQ sauce, cheddar, bacon and frizzled onions.

I got the Metallica with buffalo sauce, bacon and bleu cheese dressing.  I am sad to report that Kuma's Corner no longer has their famed waffle fries.  What a shame, because waffle fries are becoming a lost art form nowadays.

We were so full from the mac & cheese and mussels that we took a bite of the burgers and ended up packing them up to take home.  I tried eating mine the next day, but burgers are never as good hot off the grill.  Next time I would come 30 mins before they open so you get a seat right away or don't come when you are starving, otherwise you'll make the same mistake we did and get full on the appetizers.  I think that seems to be a recurring theme for me though.

Kuma's Corner

2900 W Belmont Ave
(between Francisco Ave & Richmond St)
Chicago, IL 60618

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