Thursday, December 17, 2009

Pinotxo Bar - Barcelona, Spain

As you enter the Boqueria market, immediately to your right you’ll see a little lunch counter with an orange sign and awning that says Pinotxo Bar.

You will also see several wooden Pinocchios and most likely the man himself, Juanito Bayan. He’s the talkative gentleman with the spiked gray hair, bow tie and vest. He's a legend in Barcelona and is referred to as “the ambassador-to-the-world of Spanish gastronomy.”

We had read that you should come here for breakfast because they serve the best xixos, a type of sugar-covered doughnut. We got sidetracked by the intoxicating smell of the other food being prepared so we sat down and got some tapas.

Mr. Pinotxo told us their shrimp was really good that morning so we got an order to start. I was

not aware grilled shrimp could be so juicy, but all its briny goodness flooded out when I cut into

the shrimp.

He then suggested scrambled eggs with clams. They were amazing.
They had three different types of croquettes so we tried one of each. I can't remember what they were. I think one was with ham, nuts and cheese, respectively.
We saw a lot of people eating bocadillos, so we ordered a sausage and cheese one.

Halfway through the meal, I noticed this little guy staring at me. He was making sure we were enjoying ourselves.

We were so fixated on the other tapas that we completely forgot about the xixos and by the time we remembered, they had run out. Oops. Well it gave us reason to come back again.

Pinotxo Bar
stall 466 inside the La Boqueria

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