Thursday, December 10, 2009

Cal Boter - Barcelona, Spain

One night, Eric took us to one of his favorite neighborhood restaurant in the Gracias district known for its Catalan cuisine. I'm beginning to think everything I ate in Barcelona was Catalonian now.
I think this is called an escalivada, a popular Catalan dish that consists of grilled red peppers, eggplants and pate of some sort that you eat with bread. Yummers!
I think this was fried cod with white beans. I've never been a huge fan of beans, until I was in Spain.
Eric raved about the steak here and it was just as tasty as it looks. I'm not sure if one person can eat this all by himself, but we had no problem devouring this thing. I think the secret to Catalan cooking is to keep things really simple and use fresh and flavorful ingredients.
Some kind of sausage with their signature pa amb tomaquet (tomato bread).
For dessert, we had some postre de musico (also called music in Catalan) to share, which is a plate of nuts and dried fruit. They also bring you a carafe of moscatel, which is a sweet dessert wine. Eric explained to us that this traditional dessert was called the musician's dessert because, back in the day, traveling musicians would eat this after playing in the villages. Again, a very simple dessert, but thoroughly enjoyable.
Apparently they give you a full decanter of moscatel whether you're in a party of one or three. Thank goodness I was not by myself or else I would have attempted to drink that all by myself. Soomeenshee has no restraint.

Cal Boter
62 Calle de Tordera


  1. Matthew, I was just telling my friends today about how awesome Spain was and how I want to go back. Such fond memories!!