Friday, December 18, 2009

Taller de Tapas - Barcelona, Spain

Our last meal of the trip and we didn't really know where to go. It was between Taller de Tapas or Senyor Parellada, which are both on L'Argenteria. We looked at both menus and Senyor Parellada's menu was all in Catalan and we couldn't make out any of the items. Taller de Tapas had an English menu so we opted for Taller instead just for the ease factor. Forgive us, we just came back from a day trip to Montserrat, so we were tired and hungry.

We ordered some sangria. We managed to get through Spain without trying sangria till the last night of our trip. We've had tons of wine, but sangria hadn't crossed our minds. Maybe it's more of a summer drink, hence we didn't see it advertised as much?
We really wanted the fried peppers, but they ran out. Could you believe it? I was crushed. We ordered salt cod fritters instead. I had read that they were good somewhere else, so when I saw it on Taller's menu, I wanted to try it. These were a bit too salty, I know, I know, they're called salt cod fritters. But I don't think salt cod is supposed to be that salty.
We ordered one of their specials, the caldereta d'arros de llamantol (fresh lobster paella broth). This was really good. I enjoyed this much more so than the paella we had at Set Portes, but perhaps we would have liked their soupy paella as well if we had ordered it.
For dessert, I got the cheese and quince jelly. I was trying to get my fill of cheese before we left Spain.
Pete got the chocolate mousse. Both were really good.
This was our last meal in Barcelona. We tried to go to Pinotxo Bar again to try their donuts the next morning before our flight, but they didn't have them. So sad. We tried one of their other pastries, which didn't look so great at first, but Mr. Pinotxo said that it was really good heated. He put them in the panini press waited till the sugars had caramelized on top.
He truly does wonders with that press. Something about their coffee is really addicting too. I hardly drink coffee, but I was craving it by the end of the trip. All in all, I had a wonderful time in Spain. Thanks Pete, for being such a great travel and eating companion and I'm so sorry I suggested we walk through that stupid park. =) Many thanks to Eric and Matthew too for showing me around Barcelona and for feeding me such great food. Chin chin!

Taller de Tapas

L'Argenteria, 51

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