Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Trung Gia - Hanoi, Vietnam (Old Quarter)

Next on our list was to try bun rieu nam bo, which is a Hanoi crab noodle soup. It’s usually served with tomatoes, cilantro, vermicelli noodles and fried pieces of tofu. We walked around Old Quarter at night for dinner and decided to try the intersection of Hang Bong and Phu Doan for a bowl of bun rieu nam bo. I had written down that we would find a vendor on the southwest corner of Hang Bong and Phu Doan, but there were no giant pots of reddish crab soup anywhere in sight. We looked across the street and saw Trung Gia.

He ushered us to sit down and gave us a plate of lettuce and bean sprouts and also some fried dough.

Jung and I really liked the flavor of the soup. It had a nice tang from the tomato and strong seafoody taste from the crab paste. The noodles, however, were a bit too overcooked for our liking. We really enjoyed eating the pieces of fried tofu, vegetables and fish cakes and eating it with the soup. I think I would have liked this dish a lot had I not been so full and had I tried it a couple more times. Since it was my first time ever trying this dish, I thought it was interesting, but it didn’t blow me away, like some of the other dishes we had.

Trung Gia

1 Phu Doan (southeast corner of Phu Doan and Hang Bong)

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