Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Five Guys Famous Burger and Fries - Carson, CA

A few weeks ago, I finally got to try Five Guys. I've been meaning to try it for awhile, but Carson is definitely out of the way for me, but I happened to be driving on the 405 South one day so I made a rest stop to try their famous burgers.

I walked in and right away noticed all the media coverage that Five Guys' have gotten through the years along its walls. I looked at the menu and noticed that you get to pick your own condiments for your burger, including grilled mushrooms and onions and even A1 sauce.

I ordered a little hamburger and regular fries. I became quite giddy when I found out they cook their fries in peanut oil. Fries in peanut oil have never let me down. You get to pick either regular fries or cajun fries. I asked the guy at the order what he preferred. He said they are both good, but said I could get half and half. Sweet! They won bonus points for having bottles of malt vinegar on hand too. My number was called and I pulled out what looked like a beverage cup full of golden, crispy fries with an extra handful of fries thrown in the bag for good measure. These were excellent when hot, but when I tried eating the leftover fries at home, it was not that appetizing.

Now for the burger. I ordered a little hamburger and was surprised to see how big it was. I took a bite and immediately bit into a thick slice of pickle that actually tasted like the real thing. I also got grilled onions and liked that they were coarsely chopped and thus had some texture, although it wasn't seasoned enough. The beef patty was substantial but again was a bit bland. I wasn't the biggest fan of the bread either. It kind of deflates pretty fast and tastes a bit gummy once it absorbs all the juices from the meat and veggies. Overall, this burger reminds me of eating a good burger at your friend's backyard BBQ with all the fixings you could think of, but nothing too extraordinary. A lot of people compare Five Guys to In-N-Out's burgers, but they are so different. Both have that fresh, cooked to order taste and have the same elements, but they taste completely different. I can see why people like FG's but I don't think it will completely replace In-N-Out burgers for me.

Also in case you look around and wonder why all these people are eating peanuts and yet there are no peanuts on the menu, look for cardboard boxes of peanuts near the front door. Since your burger is made to order, it may take awhile so go ahead and nibble on some peanuts while you wait.

Five Guys
20700 Avalon Boulevard
Carson, CA 90746-3734


  1. five guys in LA? no friends love that malt vinegar and old bay seasoning. i'm not a huge fan of their fries.

    i still think In n out is the best!

  2. Yes way! Yeah I agree with you, given this or In-N-Out, I'd choose In-N-Out too. They are so yummy.