Tuesday, October 27, 2009

It Finally Feels Like Fall...

I have so many posts that are in the works, but this past weekend was my grandma's 80th birthday and my mom has been in town, so it's been quite hectic at the soomeenshee household. Not to mention, I'm leaving for NY tomorrow and I'll be helping out at a campaign for a week, so I will probably be MIA for awhile, but I will try to sneak in a few posts here and there.

Don't worry, I plan on blogging about all the food I'll be eating in NY and Spain, so any suggestions on good eateries would be greatly appreciated. A friend recently told me about El Bulli near Barcelona, apparently one of the best restaurants in the world. The restaurant is only open from April to October. They spend the remaining six months on culinary experiments for the following year. I wonder if I can apply to be their guinea pig. That would be amazing. Did I mention they have a 30-course gourmet menu? Drool.

It's been hot as heck these days in LA, but something about seeing pumpkins around makes me feel like it's fall. Here's a couple pictures I took at the flower market a few days ago. Check out the colors, aren't they gorgeous.

Seeing these pumpkins really made me want to carve a pumpkin. I feel like a Toys R Us kid these days, but I've been really wanting to carve a pumpkin like nobody's business. So today, I sort of got my wish. Today was the last day of my flower arranging class and I was so stoked to see that we were using little pumpkins as the base of our centerpieces. We cut off the top, took out the seeds and made a little arrangement out of it. Look at the cute sunflower spider too. Adorable!

I hope you guys are all enjoying the fall season and all that it has to offer.


  1. lovely! did you make that yourself? very cute.

  2. Jiwon, I don't know if you noticed but you are now officially JW in my posts. haha. Yes, we made those arrangements in the flower arranging class. It's over now though. I'll show you how to make them when I get back. It's super easy. Although the lid keeps on falling off, so that's annoying but as long as you don't move it too much, it's soo cute.