Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Course 2: Pansies, Daffodils, Primroses and a Blue Bird

I can't believe it was already our third class in Course 2. That means next week is our last week, where we'll be putting together all the sugar flowers we made in class thus far unto a cake board. Time sure flies when you're having fun. So continuing with the theme of flowers, we made some pansies. This was the teacher's example. I guess pansies can come in two different colors, with a little loop in the center.
Here's my version. Not bad, eh?
Next we did the petals of a daffodil. Daffodils are yellow, but I only had pink frosting left, so I made pink daffodils. You have to pipe out a petal and then with your hand, pinch up the side so the petals curl up a bit.
Then you create an open coil center that looks like a megaphone. Add a zigzag trim to the top of the coil and you have a daffodil! Don't these totally remind you of those huge flowers in the Alice in Wonderland?
Here's my row of colorful daffodils.
We also made primroses. You basically make five heart shapes and then add a little star center and another small dot on top of it.
Next, we made a blue bird entirely out of frosting. We brought in a batch of color flow icing from home. It's yet another type of icing that cake decorators use to make shiny, pillowy designs. With color flow icing, you first outline the pattern you want to fill in. We copied a bird pattern and outlined the shape in white.
Once the outline hardens, you color and thin out the icing and fill in the empty space inside the white border. The icing kind of flows, hence the name color flow, and fills into the crevices. You then let this completely set and dry.
We also had some leftover time so we made mums again. Remember how much I hated them. They still suck. My teacher said that people can sell these sugar flowers for $5 each. Can you believe it? Heck, I'd charge $10 for this mum. It's that painful to pipe out. Pretty, but painful.

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