Thursday, October 1, 2009

Round 3 - Roses Galore

Today was the last class of Course 1. We had to bake and frost our cakes before class. I didn't make a 2 layer cake so frosting the cake was much easier this time without the crumbs getting in the way. Once in class, we made a batch of green icing for the leaves and we each colored another batch of frosting for our roses. My friend K chose a bright yellow and I tried to make a purple color, but it ended up looking more pink.

Doesn't it look like pistachio, lemon and strawberry ice cream? Yum.

We started off with the flower nails and she taught us how to make roses on them. The ends look a little frayed, but it's close enough, right? You basically then cut off the bottom and put them on your cake. You do this for each rose.

We then added them to our frosted cakes.

We then added a shell border and added leaves. The leaves were really fun. You just squiggle your tip from side to side and it looks like little leaves. So cute. It's also a good way to hide any imperfections on your cake, like the huge divots I made when I laid the flowers down.

Here's K's cake. She was mixing the yellow furiously to make the color stand out and it paid off. It's a nice lemony yellow.

Here are our finished cakes. I think we deserve a huge pat on our backs. From basically 3 classes, we learned how to make cakes that look pretty decent. It's pretty darn impressive. I'm proud of us.

Lastly, the teacher showed us some designs she would do if we had a rectangular cake or it was for a guy, who didn't want roses everywhere. She literally did this in a couple seconds. She's got some skill.
We completed course 1 and we got certificates with our names on them at the end of class, well, one of us did. I accidentally put K's maiden last name instead of her new last name on the class roster. She's been married for a few years now and I still forget that she has a new last name. Sorry K! You will always be a ___ to me. hahaha.

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