Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Round 2 - Self Portrait in Frosting

Here's a portrait of me in frosting. The white face definitely reflects my paleness, but I only could use pink, yellow or blue frosting, so I gave myself pink hair. Doesn't it look like me?
Today we didn't have to bring a cake so we just practiced with frosting but let me tell you, it was hard work! Here's a recap of what we did in pictures. First we made shells. Here's what my teacher did. Beautiful clean shells.
Here are mine. Slimy slugs.
We made a pretend border on our practice board of the shell design.
We then changed tips and made dots. Small dots:
And then big dots:
Don't they look like white chocolate disks? Then we made hearts.
She then showed us how we could make balloon shapes with them and add string below, but my bag burst at this point, so I didn't do that part. After that, we made faces. The guy on the left is the model, mine is on the right. Clearly they are related. =)
Our teacher was telling us how kids love to see faces and clowns on their cakes, so she showed us how to make clowns. We made the body from frosting and added the plastic head to it. This one is just chilling on his board.
This one has hands and feet.
Here's a close up of another one. Isn't he so cute?
We then switched to a bigger tip and made flowers. This was my favorite part because it required the least amount of squeezing of the frosting so I was in heaven. You just add a dollop of frosting in the center and you have a flower.
If you twist just a little while squeezing, you get a swirl flower design. Genius!
Next class we have to bring in a frosted cake ready to go. That will be quite the task to accomplish at home. It was a lot of work just making the cake and making 2 batches of frosting before, but now we'll have to frost it before we come to class. We'll be attempting to make roses next week. It's amazing how much material we go through in a 2 hour period. I feel like I'm getting the hang of this but I also realize that the consistency of the frosting makes a huge difference. If it's too thick, your hands will kill from squeezing the bag too hard, the bag will break or the designs won't come out clean, but if it's too soft, it won't hold up very well. It is such a delicate balance, one I have yet to master.

I can now make clowns and pale faces so if you are in need of a birthday cake, give me a holler.

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