Thursday, September 17, 2009

Eye Candy

I've been apprenticing at a flower shop nearby and we got a lot of orders this week for rosh hashanah, the Jewish New Year. We had a ton of beautiful flowers at the store today. It was a long day of cleaning and prepping the flowers to finally putting together the various arrangements. The day goes by so much faster when there's tons of eye candy to stare at. If only you could have smelled the room too. =)
Aren't the colors of these roses amazing? These were prepped and ready to go. Whose bubbly toes are those?

Look at my crazy work space. Do you see that green fruit at the bottom of the picture? It's an unripened persimmon.
Check out these beautiful zebra roses. That's not the real name but it's striped just like a dark purple and green zebra. =)
A customer wanted three sunflower arrangements in fall tones, so I made three different variations for her to choose from.
I did a fourth one and called it "the alien." Doesn't it look like little antennas coming out of its head?
Here's another fall arrangement with sunflowers, hydrangeas, these brilliantly reddish orange roses, lilies, bear grass, apples, lisianthus, dahlias and some succulents.

It isn't officially fall yet, but we definitely got a preview of it today. Apples, persimmons, berries and lots of dark tones. Yum...


  1. so when those flowers are delivered... do people eat the apple?

  2. whenever i read your blog, it makes me want to eat cake and choc chip cookies...

  3. mary: No, you don't eat the apples. Well, I guess you could if you were really hungry, but it's for decoration.

    deb: I want to eat cake and cookie everyday. =) That's my problem.