Tuesday, September 8, 2009

woMan vs. Cake

Here's my arsenal so far for my battle with cake. I got the Cake Decorating Caddy today at Michael's after our first class of Wilton's Cake Decorating. It's massive and you might mistake it for a real tool box, until you open it up and you see things called a flower nail or icing colors named lemon yellow and Christmas red. I love it already, it's so geeky, yet so girly.

I got the apron, a huge icing spatula and rubber spatula at Daiso this weekend with my friends Cupcake and Wonster. Daiso, if you've never been, is like, as Cupcake puts it, a Jewel-Osco with everything you could ever think to want, but ridiculously cheap. Most of their items are under $2. I don't know how anything Japanese can be so cheap. Daiso is like our free pass for all the other things we've paid a premium for in the past, like our cars and electronics. It's so not even ... but oh well, beggars can't be choosers. The problem, however, is that you just can't walk out of there empty-handed. You are guaranteed to find some random thing that you just can't part with. Case in point, look at this watermelon sponge. It's a sponge for crying out loud, but all the sudden, you must have it because ... well, it's a watermelon, duh!

Today we just went over all the materials we needed for class and learned how to put together an icing bag. For next week, we need to bring a premade cake, 2 batches of icing and 2 icing bags ready to go. It seems like an awful lot of items to bring with you to class, on top of your caddy and turntable. The booklet should also require us to buy 2 extra arms.

After class, we looked around the store and picked out materials to buy for next week, like clear vanilla extract and meringue powder (to keep our icing white and stiff) and our nifty cake decorating caddies. BTW, you know you've been watching way too many episodes of The Office when you and your friends are in the cake decorating aisle of Michael's and one of them holds up a Show 'N Serve Cake Serving Board and asks if the instructor told us to buy it, and you say, "that's what she said" and you start to chuckle. It's not even a proper Michael Scott joke, but it's as if, Michael was with us in spirit at Michael's tonight. Coincidence? I think not. I've missed him all summer. I can't wait till the new season starts.


  1. "I love it already, it's so geeky, yet so girly." haha that is the best line. This class does sound right up your alley. It looks fun and cute. haha

    Where is Daiso? Have you heard of Marukai 99? It's like what you are talking about but it's supposed to be a 99 cent store, although really a lot of things are more expensive. I think there are a lot of made in China products there though. I dont know if Daiso is all made in Japan stuff?

  2. I think they are all affiliated. They have Daiso in SD and also in SF. Yeah I've heard of Marukai but I've never been to the 99 cent store. Oooh do they have cooking and baking stuff too? Yeah, I think you're right, it's probably mostly made in China. Sneaky, sneaky... =)