Sunday, April 29, 2012

Lure Izakaya - Chicago, IL

I visited Lure Izakaya with my cousin when I was in Chicago.  I had heard of a new izakaya opening in Chinatown and it sounded like it could be promising.  

I was expecting a more low key, Japanese pub like environment but I think they were going for a more trendy, lounge feel.  It's reflected in the menu as well.  Their menu consists of mostly small plates of Asian fusion dishes and a few yakitori options.  My cousin and I thought the food was tasty, but definitely not what we were expecting from a traditional izakaya place. 

We both picked a few dishes that jumped out at us.  First was the Zuke salmon, which was seared salmon in a soy-mirin broth.

Next, we had one of my usual yakitori favorites, the whole capelin with roe, cherry wood- grilled.  The fish was a bit bigger than what I was expecting.

Here are bacon wrapped scallops.  Can't go wrong with bacon wrapped anything.

We were curious about their noodle dishes so got the yaki soba with bonito and rock shrimp.  This kind of tasted like chapagetti to me, which is an korean ramen brand that is supposed to taste like black bean noodles.  It was oddly addicting.  

Last but not least, we also ordered the grilled hamachi collar.  

Overall everything was good but just not memorable and Lure would not necessarily come to my mind if I were ever craving Japanese pub food in Chicago.  If you happen to be in Chinatown and have a hunkering for Japanese tapas, it's worth checking out.

Lure Izakaya
2017 South Wells St
1st Floor
Chicago, IL 60616

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