Monday, November 2, 2009

Ord Noodles - Los Angeles, CA

Mary was in town for her 30th birthday and I couldn't join in the festivities so we met up by ourselves for lunch. I asked her what she was craving in LA and she said she wanted to eat thai food, yay! I’ve been waiting for an excuse to check out Ord Noodles for awhile so this was the perfect occasion. I heard that their noodle soups were really good, but I wasn’t sure about their other dishes. I figured Mary would want pad see ew or pad kee mao and if they are known for their noodle soups, their stir fried noodles, had to be good too, right?

Here's the restaurant from the side street.
Mary wanted me to take a picture of her Thai iced tea. Even though I'm usually horrible about taking pictures before I dig in, Mary was great about making sure I documented every little thing. hahaha. Are you happy Mary?

Mary wanted something spicy so she ordered the tofu pad kee mao. The waitress asked how spicy and Mary, without missing a beat, said spicy. I had heard their dishes are on the spicy side, so I suggested trying the regular first. I think she would have cried if she ordered the spicy. The weird thing was that the dish didn’t look red at all, but it was hot! She drank more water than I did. Enough said.

I ordered the duck noodle soup. The soup was dark and rich. There were slices of roasted duck on top with some blanched Chinese broccoli and bean sprouts. There were also pieces of fried garlic pieces that definitely helped cut away the fattiness of the soup. She also asked me which kind of noodles I wanted. I think the choices were thick, thin and egg noodle. I asked her what she liked best and she said she liked thin, so I went with that.

A close up of the roasted duck.
Usually I'm the first to dig into the condiments and hot peppers at a Thai restaurant, but the food is really spicy so there was no need this time around.
Apparently they are known for their boat noodle soup so I'll have to go back for that next time. It's another new find for me in Thai Town. Don't worry Deb, we'll go next time when you're in town.

Ord Noodles
5401 Hollywood Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90027

Update on Soomeenshee: It's the day before the elections here and I find myself in an unusually quiet office. The rest of the gang went off to a pre-election rally and I am manning the phones b/c I need to help Korean callers find their polling locations tomorrow. The cutest call I got today was from an elderly grandmother who wanted to come from Brooklyn to vote in this election. I had to tell her that even though she wants to vote for Kevin, she doesn't live in our district so she can't just come and vote for him. It was adorable. The office has never been this quiet. Silence, oh how I've missed you. We're hoping for a great turnout tomorrow and a victory for Kevin. The day begins for us at 4:30 am. Wish us luck!


  1. hilarious and scary. you read my mind. as soon as i saw this post, i was like drool...i miss good thai food. im glad you are already planning on going with me when i return haha. ive been doing massive searches here and it's been disappointing so far :P

    that pad kee mao--was it good? i like the noodles to be like super infused with flavor/sauce and it looks so pale! your duck noodle soup looks yum though...drool.

  2. ps that's cute about the grandma. i like that. koreans supporting the koreans. it's not as common as you might think unfortunately :-/

    anyhoo, good luck tomorrow! so what are you going to do if he wins? you're just going to leave after that? i don't know if that's realistic. you may get sucked in!

  3. deb: the color didn't look like it had a lot of flavor but it was really yum. definitely spiceyyy....

    the thai iced tea was fine.. nothing new or fabulous.

    love the shoutout!!

  4. deb: I've had decent thai food in Chicago. I remember taking a cooking class at Royal Thai (they have several restaurant chains) and there were a few others that I went to regularly, but I can't remember the name. Silver Spoon is one and the other one is near Moody Church on Lincoln. I'm sure Yelp has some good ones. Ord was good though so we'll go next time. You'd like it.

    mary: more shoutouts are coming so don't worry =)