Wednesday, September 29, 2010

El Taco Veloz - Chicago, IL

Jung and I tried eating at El Taco Veloz one day as a pre-meal snack, but we were in a rush and we didn't realize it was a sit down restaurant so we didn't get to try it.  He went back a few days later and told me about this soup that he had that had bacon in it.  At this point, he's tried deep dish pizzas, italian sausage and beef sandwiches and pork rinds at the Publican, so he is convinced that restaurants in Chicago, when in doubt, just add meat to everything.     

I got home pretty late from my trip from New York and didn't get to eat dinner, so I figured I'd stop by and check it out for myself.  

It's a few stores down from Alcala's Western Boots on Chicago Avenue.  You also can't miss the bright yellow sign.  

As soon as you sit down, they bring over a basket of freshly fried tortilla chips and a container of pickled veggies.  They had pickled jalapenos, carrots and cauliflower.  It was super spicy, but it also so addicting.  

I knew I had to try the bacon soup that Jung tried, but I was really curious about the cecina taco, which was referred to as dried beef or beef jerky.  Look at the size of this beef, it's bigger than the corn tortilla.  It's a lean piece of beef that's been marinated, air dried and then cooked quickly on the grill.  Usually lean beef can be a little tough, but because of the marinade, this was really tender.  I like carne asade, but often times it can be a little chewy and tough, so this is a good alternative.  

While I was munching on the cecina taco, my carne en su jugo came.  It's literally translates to "meat in its own juice."  So what is in this caldos you ask?  Avocados, pinto beans, fried bacon, beef, chilies, lime, cilantro, onions and radishes.  I was a bit confused as to why they gave me tortillas with this soup, but you will soon see.  

Here's a close up of the soup.  Can you see the pieces of beef swimming in that sea of cilantro and radishes, amongst the bouys of plump avocado?

Look at the chunks of beef and avocado in this.  I never would have thought to put avocado in soup, but the hot temperature brings out the creaminess in the avocado.

The broth was really good.  As you can see, I couldn't even finish all the meat or beans in this, but I devoured the soup.  You could easily make yourself a couple tacos with all the beef, bacon and beans.

This is seriously the best hangover cure ever.

El Taco Veloz
1745 W Chicago Ave
(between Hermitage Ave & Paulina St) 
Chicago, IL 60622

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