Monday, August 24, 2009

Hello There!

I'll save the introductions for later, but just wanted to share a picture of my cilantro plant that I planted for my balcony a week ago. I was shocked to see how much it's grown. I was watering it today and saw a little round object so I automatically thought it was a snail ready to obliterate the herbs, but I took a closer peek and lo and behold, it's a little mushroom! Isn't that the cutest thing you've ever seen? I have no clue how it got there, but it was a pleasant surprise and I can't wait to see how big it'll get.

Here's a close up for your viewing pleasure.

I have a few other plants on my balcony, which I will blog about later, but it's great to be able to just go outside, pick a few herbs or jalapeno peppers instead of running off to the market for them. I highly recommend it! I'm a total novice when it comes to gardening and especially pruning. I am ashamed to admit that I once stripped my tomato plant of all of its leaves because I wasn't sure what to do with the worms that were infesting my plant. It probably wasn't the smartest idea but I'm squeamish when it comes to worms. Oddly enough it did the trick that time and I later learned that you just need to spray your plant with some diluted dish washing soap. Poor plant ... it's the equivalent of a surgeon cutting off your arms because you have fleas on them. Thank goodness I'm not in the medical field.

So hopefully I can share these little tips with you as I learn by trial and error. I'm happy to report, my tomato plant is doing well. It suffered a bout of drought when my dad neglected to water my plants while I was on vacation, but it's recuperating. That's what's amazing about plants, how resilient they are. A little water, sun and some tender care and we all should be able to bounce back, no?

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